Mind Over Money: Unlocking Your Travel Budget From Your Existing Income (Working Title) by Doria Murphy

Mind Over Money: Unlocking Your Travel Budget From Your Existing Income (Working Title)

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Empowering wanderlust travelers to travel more and travel better.

Hands-down one of the top questions we’re regularly asked both online and in “real” life is how we can afford to travel so much as a family of four.

The secret is … we work hard to travel! But not just at our jobs, we work hard to make travel possible for our family within the limits of our income and expenses.

A lot goes into enabling us to travel as much as we do, but it’s our goal to travel as frequently and extensively as possible with our kids, so we think it’s worth it.

Let’s be serious, saving $100 on a flight for one person is great, but saving hundreds on each family member is often the difference between going and not going for many families. That savings can be used towards your budget for your hotel, food, etc. It really makes a difference!

Our biggest “secret”, which isn’t really much of a secret since we’ve talked about it quite a bit, is that one of the primary ways we make travel possible for our family is by searching for and booking cheap flights.

Believe it or not, flying is less expensive now than it’s been in decades. In fact, according to a study led by economists from Compass Lexecon, inflation-adjusted prices for flying are near the lowest they’ve ever been in aviation history!

That’s exciting!

The problem is, that doesn’t necessarily mean that every individual and family can just book flights whenever they want. Before learning how to find real cheap flights, we couldn’t!

The good news is, we’ve figured out ways to make travel more of a possibility for us and we want to share our tips and techniques with you!  We’re talking about real tips and techniques that just about anyone can use if they’re willing to spend some extra time to save substantial money on both domestic and international flights.