How to Find Cheap Flights: Google Flights Edition by Doria Murphy

How to Find Cheap Flights: Google Flights Edition

Special promotional price! Ready to learn how we've saved 30-50% (sometimes more) on every fight we've booked for the last 4 years? We want to teach you how! Work at your own pace with 1 month of unlimited access.

What's included?

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What's This Course About?
Travel Course Welcome + How To
2 mins
Work at Your Own Pace
Part 1: Let's Get Started!
Printable Workbook How to Search for Cheap Flights.pdf
4.71 MB
Introduction - How to Find Cheap Flights
5 mins
Part 2: Top Tips for Successful Flight Searches
Top Tips for Successful Cheap Flight Searches (Part 2)
11 mins
Part 3: How To Use the Customized Forms
Staying Organized with Our Custom Worksheets (Part 3)
9 mins
Part 4: Four Time- & Money-Saving Features on Google Flights
4 Time- & Money-Savings Features on Google Flights - Part 1
6 mins
4 Time- & Money-Savings Features on Google Flights - Part 2
3 mins
Part 5: Cheap Flight Search Guided Demonstration & Closing
Cheap Flight Search Demonstration - Part 1
6 mins
Cheap Flight Search Demonstration - Part 2
10 mins
Grab Your Course Downloads!
FILLABLE PDF Flight Search Log
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FILLABLE PDF Flight Search Organization Worksheet
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PRINTABLE Flight Search Organization Worksheet
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PRINTABLE Flight Search Log
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Bonus Downloads
BONUS Download: Excel Version of Flight Search Log
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BONUS Printable Pre-Trip Checklists
187 KB
BONUS Printable Travel Packging Lists
196 KB
BONUS Fillable PDF Packing Lists
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BONUS Fillable PDF Pre-Trip Checklists
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Course Workbook Answer Key
Cheap Flights Workbook Answer Key
4.72 MB

Empowering wanderlust travelers to travel more and travel better.

Hands-down one of the top questions we’re regularly asked both online and in “real” life is how we can afford to travel so much as a family of four.

The secret is … we work hard to travel! But not just at our jobs, we work hard to make travel possible for our family within the limits of our income and expenses.

A lot goes into enabling us to travel as much as we do, but it’s our goal to travel as frequently and extensively as possible with our kids, so we think it’s worth it.

Let’s be serious, saving $100 on a flight for one person is great, but saving hundreds on each family member is often the difference between going and not going for many families. That savings can be used towards your budget for your hotel, food, etc. It really makes a difference!

Our biggest “secret”, which isn’t really much of a secret since we’ve talked about it quite a bit, is that one of the primary ways we make travel possible for our family is by searching for and booking cheap flights.

Believe it or not, flying is less expensive now than it’s been in decades. In fact, according to a study led by economists from Compass Lexecon, inflation-adjusted prices for flying are near the lowest they’ve ever been in aviation history!

That’s exciting!

The problem is, that doesn’t necessarily mean that every individual and family can just book flights whenever they want. Before learning how to find real cheap flights, we couldn’t!

The good news is, we’ve figured out ways to make travel more of a possibility for us and we want to share our tips and techniques with you!  We’re talking about real tips and techniques that just about anyone can use if they’re willing to spend some extra time to save substantial money on both domestic and international flights.


Do you need to know anything about Google Flights prior to taking this course?

No! This course was created with a spectrum of students in mind--from someone that knows nothing about Google Flights to someone that casually uses it, but doesn't feel very confident in his/her ability to successfully find cheap flights and use many of its features.

What is the refund policy?

At this time we do not offer refunds.

We strongly suggest reviewing all available information on courses prior to enrollment to determine if a course is right for you.

What is included in this course?

This course includes:
  • 5-part video series 
  • Guided demonstration of how we find cheap roundtrip & 1-way flights for both international and domestic trips
  • 21 real tips on how to find cheap flights (many of which we've never shared before)
  • Detailed examples of how to use the worksheets we provide to help make your cheap flight search more streamlined
  • Explanations of some of Google Flights' time- and money-saving features

You'll also receive access to the following downloads:
  • Comprehensive printable course workbook (which serves as a great reference once you've completed the course)
  • Printable & fillable PDF worksheets (yours to use again and again during your future cheap flight searches)

The video portion of this course is broken into 5 parts:
  1. Introduction - 4:35
  2. Tips for Successful Cheap Flight Searching - 10:32
  3. How to Use Our Customized Forms - 8:07
  4. Four Time- & Money-Saving Google Flights Features - 7:09
  5. Guided Demonstration of How to Search for a Cheap Flight Using Google Flights - 14:54

Can I share my access to a course with friends and family?

While we understand partners/spouses taking a course together, we do limit the sharing of course access to anything beyond that. 

If you are a part of a larger group of people (more than 4 individuals) that would like to take the course together, please email us at to discuss whether or not a discounted rate can be made available.

Should we discover that someone enrolled in one of our courses is sharing their access with others without permission, or distributing or duplicating our content in any way, access will be immediately removed without warning or refund and appropriate actions may be taken to recover lost enrollment fees. 

Please be honest and understand that we work hard to create the content we publish. Without the support of our wonderful students, we would not be able to continue to do so. :)

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How long do I have after enrollment to complete a course?

Students are granted access to a specific course upon enrollment for 1 month!

This allows each student to complete a chosen course at his/her own pace.

We recommend viewing all course materials and downloading all downloadable files prior to access ending as students will no longer be able to access materials after that.

Does this course focus on searches for domestic or international flights?

We discuss searching for both domestic and international flights in this course! The majority of tips and techniques we share can be applied to searches for either.

Is this course geared towards individuals that don't already travel?

This course provides an in-depth guide on how to search for cheap flights using Google Flights in particular, however, many of the techniques and tips we discuss can be applied to other flight search websites.

Our goal for this course is to provide tips, techniques and instruction for those that would like to improve their travel skills (especially their abilities to make travel more cost-effective). We recommend reading through the course description to determine whether or not you feel you may benefit from this course.

We'd like to think that there's a lot to learn when it comes to the topic of travel, which is constantly evolving and changing!

This course may not be needed for someone that successfully searches for and finds flights priced at hundreds less than the average flight on a regular basis using Google Flights.